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For International Students

This section includes five parts: "About the Music Department", "Faculty", "Courses", "Admissions" and "University Experience." Welcome to browse.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email (thumusic@thu.edu.tw).



Department Overview, please see: https://music.thu.edu.tw/web/about/page.php?lang=en&scid=23&sid=7

教學及研究發展重點//Teaching and Research Development Priorities

please see Teaching and Research page: https://music.thu.edu.tw/web/prospective_student/page.php?scid=96&sid=183

就業市場(畢業出路)/Prospects after Graduation

please see alumni page: https://music.thu.edu.tw/web/page/page.php?scid=74&sid=112

系所聯繫窗口/Department Contact Information:TEL、email

TEL: +886-4-23590121 #38200-38203

Email: thumusic@thu.edu.tw